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Rupert's New Home

A lot has happened in the life of Rupert Bear since he was purchased from the Daily Express in 2005 by the family entertainment business, Entertainment Rights, for six million pounds. As well as a new home, Rupert has acquired a new look, new chums and a TV programme all of his own. While he has exchanged his brown boots for trendy trainers, Rupert is still instantly recognisable in his yellow check trousers and red jumper.

Aimed at children aged 2-5, Rupert's TV show, Follow The Magic, was launched in 2006 and has delighted youngsters ever since. Themes of the show are magic, adventure, fun, friendship and nature, blended with early learning activities. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations as they follow Rupert and his friends on magical journeys from Nutwood to Rocky Bay and beyond. The friends' exciting adventures are always based on an event in the natural world with emphasis on the importance of caring for the environment.

Followers of Rupert 2012

The Followers of Rupert Weekend 24th & 25th August 2012

The ‘Rupert Fair’ has become a pleasurable annual event for Stella & Rose’s Books - we have been attending as book sellers for as long as I have been involved with the business! The weekend consists of a meal for club members on the Friday evening followed by a full day of activities on the Saturday and a Gala Dinner in the evening.

As a Rupert collector I always enjoy the day and it’s a chance for us to meet old friends, find some new ones and hopefully sell a few books! For the last few years the event has been held at the excellent facilities at Warwick School. We are based in one of the school halls, along with another 10 or more dealers selling all manner of Rupert books, toys, pictures, models, badges and other Ruperty paraphernalia.

Followers of Rupert 2011

Why's Rupert Bear at Warwick School? He's never there as a rule Once a year it's that day When all his Followers come to play 200 friends from far and wide Are there to be at Rupert's side

Tony, well he's no dunce He has three jobs to do at once And then there's John who glides about And though in charge he'll never shout And in the corner another John Who sits and checks what's going on

Rupert's money is in the till It's always checked by his friend Phil Publications for our merry band That's where Alan lends a hand Rupert's library's safe and sound That's Louise I'll be bound More work's provided by two Mikes That's the help that Rupert likes Rupert's younger friends have Val and Eddie You'll need to get your paintings ready If you're a Follower that's just great If not, join now - it's not too late!


Followers of Rupert 2010

What a fun day we had, made even more exciting by the presence of a team from BBC television who were filming events and interviews for inclusion in a programme to help celebrate Rupert's 90th birthday! Who would have thought the little bear would have still been so popular after all these years? But popular he is as evidenced by the hundreds of Followers, both Junior and Senior, who gather each year to enjoy all things Ruperty.

Stuart Trotter (current Rupert artist and storyteller) was there to sign the new annuals; Ian Robinson (former storyteller) gave a talk about his new Rupert Companion book which looks at the development of Rupert over the years and at some of the ephemera and products that surround him; John Hunt presented a fascinating talk on modelling a 3D Rupert from the flat images of a picture. All this as well as the usual origami workshops, a magician, balloon modelling, face painting for the youngsters, the play - which this year had the Chums rescuing a princess from an evil wizard - and the opportunity to purchase everything Ruperty you could think of!

Followers of Rupert 2009

A great day to be had by all!

To give you a taster here are some more pictures from the Followers of Rupert Annual General Meeting 2009.

Rupert Follower's Meeting 28th August 2010 - A Preview

The day should be one to remember as the Followers Of Rupert celebrate the famous Bear's 90th birthday! Ian Robinson, author of the Rupert annual stories, will be presenting a talk on his time as the last Rupert Editor at the Daily Express and will also be available to sign and dedicate special bookplates for his book, The Rupert Companion. Advance copies of the new Rupert annual should be available and Stuart Trotter, the new Rupert artist, will be attending to sign them for you.

Followers of Rupert 2006

Great excitement in Nutwood! Saturday August 26th 2006 was the date of the 23rd annual meeting of the Followers of Rupert Bear.

Hundreds of Rupert Followers met in Warwick to chat about Rupert, browse and buy thousands of Ruperty items and to enjoy company of other like-minded Rupert fans. 

This year we saw ownership of Rupert transferred from the Express Newspapers to a company called Entertainment Rights and rumours were rife that Rupert would be changed forever from the character we know and love so well to a cartoon character similar to Disney's Winnie-The-Pooh.

Nardis Roscoe, representing Rupert's new owners, gave an excellent talk and reassured us that New Rupert, like Disney's Pooh, is aimed at pre-school children and that Classic Rupert, like Classic Pooh, is safe - and aimed at older children and adults.

Followers of Rupert 2014

The Bard slept soundly in his graveBut saw in dream a friendly wave

What can that be that comes this wayHe says to wife Anne Hathaway

Legs cross gartered yelleeowThat must be Malvolio

The Bard was wrong despite his stareWhom did he see – twas Rupert Bear.

Warwick Castle glowers downOn to its charming little town

It's menace lifts when it does hearRupert and Friends are drawing near

The stony keep all sad and coldSees all the Followers, young and old

And just once a year within it's ruleSees jolly friends at Warwick School.

The Avon glides slow on its wayIt counts its Swans each and every day

When August comes its sums are wrongThere's one more Swan that's come along

Rupert Bear

A character almost everyone is familiar with is Rupert Bear. Rupert is immensely collectable today and in particular the early annuals are very sought after. Although the first Rupert annual was published in 1936, Rupert Bear was actually created 16 years previously in 1920. His creator was Mary Tourtel, born in 1874 into a very artistic family and married in her early 20's to Herbert Tourtel who worked in printing and publishing.

As a child Mary was fond of sketching animals and eventually attended Canterbury Art School where she won a gold medal as the most outstanding pupil. Besides being a clever artist she was also an aviator and adventurer who pre-dated the more famous Amy Johnson by some years. With her husband in 1919 she had flown in a Handley-Page aeroplane breaking the record from Hounslow to Brussels.

Followers of Rupert Bear - 25th Annual Meeting - 2008

Followers of Rupert Bear - 25th Annual Meeting

The 25th Annual Meeting of the Followers of Rupert held on August 23rd was the highlight of 2008 for the hundreds of Rupert Bear fans who gathered in Warwick to celebrate this special event. A host of Nutwood characters welcomed everyone as they stepped through the door into a wonderland of everything Ruperty.

Before the programme started there was an opportunity to browse the many stalls selling anything you could think of connected with Rupert - books, toys, ephemera, clothing, figurines, you name it - it was there!

And this year we were delighted to have the new Rupert artist Stuart Trotter with us to sign his first Rupert annual.

Followers of Rupert Bear - 24th Annual Meeting - 2007

A host of Nutwood characters greeted the hundreds of Rupert Followers who gathered in Warwick for their 24th annual meeting on 4th August 2007 to enjoy the day's events.

In addition to the dealer's stalls with thousands of Ruperty items on offer, there were origami demonstrations taking place with the opportunity to make your own paper birds and aeroplanes, as well as a full programme of events in the afternoon.

We were delighted to hear that the classic Rupert we are so familiar with is here to stay. We were introduced to the new Rupert artist Stuart Trotter who will be illustrating the annual published for Christmas 2008 which will also contain all new stories. Stuart, who has illustrated Postman Pat and Thomas the Tank Engine among others, has been a life-long fan of Rupert and promises that the little bear will be very much recognisable as the Classic Rupert. 

Followers of Rupert Bear - Annual Meeting 2005

Great excitement in Nutwood! The 22nd annual meeting of the Followers of Rupert Bear took place Saturday August 27th.

For some years now several hundred Followers of Rupert have converged on Warwick, to meet, talk about Rupert, drink beer (and tea & coffee!), buy Ruperty stuff and enjoy what we have come to call "Fellowship" and this year was no exception.

We enjoyed the company of Mary Cadogan who gave us a foretaste of her new book about the women in Rupert's world, with Mary Tourtel, Rupert's creator, of course being the most important. This year's play was "Rupert And Gaffer" and once more the theatre was turned into the world of Nutwood with all Rupert's chums, the Sage of Um in his flying Brella and, making his first appearance, a magnificent sea serpent! (see below).

Official Statement on the 'New' Rupert from the Followers of Rupert

The Followers of Rupert are pleased to learn that the Express has concluded a deal that will ensure Rupert will continue to be enjoyed by 21st century children.

We hope that any changes that are made do not stray too far from the traditions and formula that have made Rupert so popular for the past 85 years. It is, however, important that he reach younger audiences and we are confident that these new initiatives will provide ample opportunities for fresh adventures and merchandise, and trust that they will be supported by new fans and the traditional collector alike. We are all aware of the happy coexistence of the "classic" Winnie the Pooh, as drawn by E.H. Shepard, and the "Disney Pooh" enjoyed by so many children. We are confident that Rupert's long, distinguished history and integrity will ensure that he will also be here to welcome the beginning of the 22nd century.