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Rupert's New Home

A lot has happened in the life of Rupert Bear since he was purchased from the Daily Express in 2005 by the family entertainment business, Entertainment Rights, for six million pounds. As well as a new home, Rupert has acquired a new look, new chums and a TV programme all of his own. While he has exchanged his brown boots for trendy trainers, Rupert is still instantly recognisable in his yellow check trousers and red jumper.

Aimed at children aged 2-5, Rupert's TV show, Follow The Magic, was launched in 2006 and has delighted youngsters ever since. Themes of the show are magic, adventure, fun, friendship and nature, blended with early learning activities. Children are encouraged to use their imaginations as they follow Rupert and his friends on magical journeys from Nutwood to Rocky Bay and beyond. The friends' exciting adventures are always based on an event in the natural world with emphasis on the importance of caring for the environment.

Rupert's colourful website is a delight for young and old alike. The site incorporates videos, games and storybooks, information for parents, the history of Rupert Bear and an online shop where you can find characters such as Basil Brush and Postman Pat as well as our beloved Rupert Bear. A huge range of innovative pre-school Rupert toys are available featuring Rupert and his friends. In addition the magical world of Nutwood is represented by a range of interactive plays sets, which have been developed to encourage creative play.

While new Rupert is attracting much attention with all the activities and developments surrounding him, we mustn't forget the Classic Rupert Bear created by Mary Tourtel in the 1920s and enhanced by storyteller and artists Alfred Bestall and John Harold, and continued in the present day by Stuart Trotter. For many older fans Classic Rupert will never be replaced. As the young fans of New Rupert grow up they have much to look forward to in discovering Classic Rupert in the books and annuals which have been produced for over 80 years. The adventures are just as magical as Rupert, like Peter Pan, just never grows old!

*Under the agreement, the Daily Express still retains a third stake in Rupert Bear and the Classic Rupert Bear will still be maintained alongside the new Rupert, to provide something for both old and new Rupert fans.

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